First Touch Project


Our vocational education project 2018-1-TR01-KA202-059488 contract number 123.090,
prepared by the Kayseri Provincial Directorate of Health and submitted to the Strategic
Partnership Projects of the Cooperation for Innovation Development and Good Practice
Exchange (KA2) of the EU Project of the National Agency of Turkey in 2018, has been eligible
for grant support.

The project has lasted for 36 months and is based on international cooperation based on the
development of innovations, the development of training programs for the preparation for
childbirth, aimed at training the midwifery profession.
The project partners are the German International Society for Pre and Perinatal Psychology
and Medicine (ISPPM), the Greek Doula Association of Greece and the Istanbul Birth

Among the activities of our project, 1 opening meeting, 6 transnational meetings, 1 closing
meeting, 3 transnational workshops, 7 articles dec planned.
The opening meeting, 3 transnational meetings and 2 workshop activities were held face to face.
However, due to the cancellation of international flights due to Covid-19, which has increased
since March 2020, 3 Transnational meetings could not be held, 1 workshop program was held
online, and the closing meeting was organized online.

Projects are quite valuable for correcting a problem or developing another perspective on the problem. We
would like to thank the National Agency of Turkey, our project partners Istanbul Academy of Obstetrics,
International Society for Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Medicine and Greek Doula Association for
their contributions and support to the project.
Maternal and child health is one of the most important health indicators in the whole world and also
occupies an important place among sustainable development goals. It is valuable for us that special efforts
are being made to improve maternal and infant health all over the world, and that maternal and infant
health studies are continuing in the process of an important public health problem affecting normal life,
such as the pandemic. We are very happy to contribute to the literature with the trainings and articles
included in our activities.
We are continuing to work on participating in new projects.

Assoc. Dr. Ali Ramazan BENLİ
Kayseri Provincial Health Director

Project Report